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  • Armless Sofa

    This armless sofa is majestic and creates an instant luxurious impact. It is fascinatingly unique and an ideal piece if you are looking to differentiate your surroundings with something sophisticated. Its silk upholstery creates a luxuriously royal look.

  • Carved Back Chair

    A plush, blue velvet upholstery contrasting with a rich, gold and crème finishes of the wood. Contrasting and enhancing the delicate carving of the back. A chair which is a piece of art and yet the comfort is unbeatable.

  • Carved Legs Coffee Table

    Another brilliant piece of craftsmanship this coffee table is unique in its style and effectiveness.  The exquisitely hand carved table can set itself beautifully against the straight lines of a sofa creating an eclectic effect.  Its elegance, can contrast beautifully with any interior.

  • Eleganza Console

    This neutral brown, cool-toned French-style filigree patterned table is reminiscent of old Victorian-age color setting meeting the delicate and striking French architecture of Yore. A must-have for any home.

  • Film Noir Chest

    Another bold, semi-matte piece, this entirely black Victorian table with golden filigree accents is an ode to Tory craftsmanship.

  • Horse Lamp

    For lovers of the Meydan horse races, this neutral lamp and lampshade add a surreal touch to any bedroom or living room setting.

  • La Vie Décadente

    An iridescent rose-gold toned white love seat with a bold black and gold filigree pattern, this carved back sette is the epitome of elegance, and contrasts beautifully with any interior.

  • Louis IV Chair

    This classic chair embodies style, elegance and comfort. It’s a statement in exquisite interiors.

  • Midnight Ottoman

    A bold noir, velveteen upholstered ottoman with a base of oxidized golden accent, this ottoman is soft enough to mold to the contours of feet and strong enough to use around the house while maintaining an elegant and chic look.

  • Mirror Coffee Table

    Also made of clear and reflective mirror is further enhanced by the exquisite wood carvings. This sturdy center table makes a bold and regal statement with its understated yellow-gold accents.

  • Shimmery Lightings

    A harem-styled modern chandelier, this centerpiece is a great addition to a home, a lounge, or a couture café setting. With its lustrous accents and luminous golden and bronze elements, this chandelier would be at home in any warm or cool setting.

  • Sofa

    The beautiful curves in solid wood add a touch of class to this sofa. This piece of furniture will truly create an impact in any kind of interiors with it elegant and delicate curves.

  • The Chest of Secrets Two-door cabinet

    A bruised oak wood affair with a floral patterned golden handle, this chest is lined with Mother-of-pearl into its interiors making this a magnum opus for any room.